Drawing along with Sarah Jane Wright will expand your imagination, increase your drawing skills, and increase your observance of the world around you! Meant for ages 3-11, but we've heard adults love them too!

Over 75 lessons!

These lessons come from 3 courses and can be used randomly, or worked through in sections. There is no right or wrong way to use these! Sequence is not important.

Creative Core lessons explores the themes (from our creative curriculum) and expands your creative thinking, teaching skills along the way. 

Nature Camp art lessons take observation from nature (Sarah brings in objects to reference) and teaches how to observe things you see every day. 

Creative Art Camp lessons have kid-friendly themes that use the imagination as well as teach simple skills that will help young artists, and can be explored again and again.

Course curriculum


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    • HOME: How to Draw An Imaginary House Interior

    • TOWN: How to Draw People

    • ANIMALS: How to Draw an Elephant

    • WORLD: How to Draw a Map

    • PLANETS: How to Draw a Sphere

    • ROBOTS (part 1): How to Draw Simple Robots

    • ROBOTS (part 2): How to Draw Humanoid Robots

    • NATURE: How to Draw a Pinecone

    • HELPERS: How to Draw a Person Walking

    • CREATIVE ACCIDENTS: How to Draw Something from Anything

    • FLOWERS: How to Draw a Crocus

    • CARS & TRAIN: How to Draw a Train

    • LOLA DUTCH: How to Draw Lola Dutch

    • OCEA: How to Draw a Watercolor Ocean Scene

    • SHIPS & BOATS: How to Draw the Interior of a Ship

    • DINOSAURS: How to Draw a Tyrannosaurus Rex

    • UNICORNS: How to Draw the Head of a Unicorn (Level 1)

    • UNICORNS: How to Draw the Head of a Unicorn (Level 2)

    • CASTLES: How to Draw a Castle

    • EASTER & SPRINGTIME: How to Draw a Simple Bunny

    • DRAGONS: How to Draw a Dragon

    • WOODLAND CREATURES: How to Draw a Squirrel

    • FARM ANIMALS: How to Draw a Pig

    • JOBS: How to Draw a 3D Building

    • INSECTS: How to Draw a Dragonfly

    • ABSTRACT ART: How to Draw Scribble Art

    • BAKING: How to Draw Recipe Illustrations

    • CAMPING: How to Draw an Oak Tree

    • AIRPLANES: How to Draw a Fighter Jet

    • SAFARI: How to Draw a Giraffe

    • MERMAIDS: How to Draw a Mermaid

    • BODIES: How to Draw Straight Lines by Hand

    • HABITATS: How to Draw a Forest

    • CARS: How to Draw a Car

    • SUPERHEROES: How to Draw Yourself as a Superhero

    • PETS: How to Draw a Dog


Sarah Jane is not only an illustrator, but a mother of 4 and skillfully teaches in a way that the youngest artist as well as the oldest can enjoy. Parents have shared they love to join in too!


Sarah Jane teaches in a way that encourages each artist to create from their own mind or observations, and discourages copying exactly what she's doing (Although copying can be good teaching!) So your child is learning how to observe and think on their own, making mistakes and all!


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